For the love of coffee: A look at Commonwealth Coffee Company

This past week I’ve been in London, Ontario for work. During my down time, I’ve been going around town, checking out the restaurant and cafe scene. I can’t help but notice that a lot of new restaurants and cafes have popped up. This is very positive for London. The city has been going through some major renovations, including road work throughout the downtown core. Fanshawe College’s renovation of the old Kingsmill department store is complete and boasts a state-of-the-art culinary school. South London has lots of new updates as well: including a modern, brand new YMCA and lots of commercial developments as you go down Wonderland Road South.

During my break, I came across Commonwealth Coffee Company by fluke. I was greeted by a sign that read “coffee is always a good idea.” I knew I had to pop in.


When I walked inside Commonwealth Coffee Company, I was pleasantly surprised! This place is tres chic and sadly my pictures don’t do this place justice. The staff was super friendly and made my cappuccino just right. The staff advised me that the cafe opened up about a year ago.


I could have easily spent my whole afternoon here. This seems like a great place to get together with a girlfriend or to go on a date. In addition, this place would have been an ideal location for working on my blog. There are definitely lots of reasons to come back here! In a city that boasts amazing coffee houses- Fireroasters and Black Walnut to name a few, Commonwealth Coffee Company definetly adds some flair to the mix!



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