For the love of coffee: A look at Cake and Loaf Bakery

During my last break on Tuesday afternoon, I decided to venture to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market to escape the reality of work. I had the urge to try something sweet today and headed out to Cake and Loaf Bakery.


I absolutely love Cake and Loaf! With a wide variety of cookies, pastries and breads, Cake and Loaf does not disappoint. They are well known for their baked goods and all their items are made from local ingredients. Their Dundurn location also serves lunch from my understanding. My personal favourites are the Skor cookies and the maple peacan tart. I also love the emphasis of being locally made. In a way, you sense some sort of pride in their craftsmanship. I also love how there are two locations- one in the market and the other at their home base at 321 Dundurn.

I wasn’t originally going to buy a coffee there but Cafe au Lait was on the menu and it caught my eye.

Cafe au lait is basically coffee with warmed milk. This drink is very popular in Europe. In Croatia it’s known as “bijela kava,” which for me is a personal old time favourite drink.

If you are looking for some freshly baked goods and a good ol’ cafe au lait, look no further than to Cake and Loaf Bakery!


For the love of coffee: A look at Lola’s Choco Bar and Sweet House


Yesterday after my hair appointment, I decided to end my “me time date” with a little java at this relatively new spot in Burlington’s Village Square: Lola’s Choco Bar and Sweet House. Being a busy mom, “me time” is important. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder that mom’s are people too with our own personalities. We get so lost with everything that involves being a mom: driving kids to school, activities, working, cleaning and preparing meals.  Sometimes its overwhelming and its okay to feel like this.  During those moments when we do feel like that, we just need to remind ourselves that it’s okay to press the pause button, have a break and reset.  Yesterday was my “pause and reset” day.

I heard about Lola’s through a friend of mine, and fell in love with the place. Yesterday’s visit was now my third to date. However, last night I did it right.  I actually decided to sit down, at least for a few minutes to enjoy a coffee before I headed home to my little ones.  The weather was on point- it was about dusk and the sun was about to set. It was warm but breezy out and as I sipped a macchiato, I felt that I was in Europe for a brief moment in time.

The cobblestone and stone buildings surrounding the cafe takes you to places in Europe- France, Italy, Croatia and Greece comes to mind. Chocolate is available on tap, as well as a variety of gelato and European pastries. For a little piece of Europe closer to home, look no further to Lola’s in Burlington, a quiet area tucked in the Village Square near the waterfront.